School groups-Colonies de Vacances

Supervision by a professional, certified canoe-kayak instructor.

The routes are half-day and 9 or 13 km. They are selected by the canoe-kayak instructors before departure based on the age of the participants and the navigability of the river at the time of the descent.
Before setting off, the certified state instructor explains the descent and provides safety instructions.
During the descent, and for optimal boat handling, he reminds everyone how to handle the paddle, the techniques for turning, readjusts the position of the participants, and adjusts the crews.
As safety allows, the instructor will explain what he knows of the prehistory, the environment they are passing through, and games and exercises will enhance the group’s mutual support, cohesion, and competitive spirit.
En route, he will point out the rich resources of this river: its fauna, flora and history (prehistory, middle-ages, boat traffic, etc…) as well as the river’s potential dangers such as capsizing, being pinned, whirlpools, etc…
To make the descent more fun, the instructor will suggest lots of games: balancing, agility, speed, group cohesion, liferaft to try it out…
When booking you can include a picnic for your group at the tables at the base station at the river.

One-half day descent with group supervision by a state-certified canoe-kayak instructor.
The instructor can supervise a maximum of 16 participants, including the person responsible for the group.

You must bring / wear:
Protective clothing suitable for actual conditions at the time.
Closed footwear.
Helmet and solar protection.
Change of clothes for when you return.

Prior practical test of aquatic activities and swimming ability.

We provide:
CE-certified equipment and lifejackets
Eyeglass/sunglass retaining straps
Changing rooms, male and female toilets

Day rich in feelings and guaranteed conviviality!

Travel 1/2 a Day
Rates: to consult us

Establishment approves D.D.C.S.P.P. N° 02499ET0025

Canoës Vallée Vézère sur la Vézère Les Eyzies
Canoës Vallée Vézère sur la Vézère Les Eyzies
05 53 05 10 11
The plus +
  • Departure of the base in minibus every hour.

  • 1 free container by boat.

  • Return in canoe at your own pace with the current.

  • On your arrival you are awaited, and we brink back your canoe.

At your disposition
  • Free toilets at the base.

  • Cloakroom for the cyclists and the motorcyclists.

  • FREE AND SHADED parking lot

  • Parking lot bikes and motorcycles

The rent includes
  • The route in minibus.

  • The canoe, the paddles, life jackets

  • The insurance.

  • Container.