La Vallée de la Vézère / The origins of Man

The source of the Vézère river is in the Massif Central, in the plateau at Millevaches en Corrèze. It then proceeds towards Périgord Noir – when passing Larche it is joined by its main tributary the Corrèze – and flows 211 km later into the Dordogne at Limeuil.
From Montignac this meandering river narrows between massive limestone cliffs where cave dwellers had set up homes, and others erected châteaus, manors, houses and churches. It also waters small adjacent grasslands that have been turned into fields for corn, tobacco and walnut farming.
The Vézère Valley was the adopted land of our ancestors. They very soon appreciated this advantageous environment where they shaped caves and shelters. Even at the height of the ice age, a thin ribbon of green ran along its banks, allowing people to catch game and fish, collect wood for heating and alluvial flint essential for making weapons and tools. This long occupation left many vestiges of habitations. Often occupied in Prehistoric times, there are many cave sites in the valley. Some, like La Roque St Christophe were occupied until the Middle Ages. La Maison Forte de Reignac itself was occupied until the 20th century. Most of these sites, châteaus and fortresses are fitted out to let you see the life that people may have lived in them. In the Middle Ages, people lived only in caves they had dug into the cliffs.
“The Romans were the first to try to tame me, but unsuccessfully. Then Henry IV ordered his nobles to tackle the most difficult passes, and so in 1698 I became navigatable from Terrasson to Limeuil. I became the first river “highway” of that era, mainly for trade between Central and Southwestern France. I thus contributed to the development and construction of wheat flour, walnut oil presses, and forges of greater or less importance for making cannon that would be shipped to Rochefort. Then with the construction of the railway, my only remaining companions were the fishermen, for whom I had protected many diverse species of fish. Despite all these times gone by, I still preserve my charm and my wilderness, my tranquillity, my beauty, and my gentle way of living. I would be delighted to take you on unforgettable trips through the heart of my valley, ‘La Vallée de l’Homme / The Valley of Man’, with my friends at Canoës Vallée Vézère.”

La Vézère

Coll. Claudine et Bernard HENRIETTE

Canoës Vallée Vézère sur la Vézère Les Eyzies
Canoës Vallée Vézère sur la Vézère Les Eyzies
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