Total route length 44 km: The 3 Châteaux (upstream) / Limeuil (downstream)

The meeting place for the start of the trip is at the Les Eyzies canoe base station.
Take the bus to assemble at the departure point: The 3 Châteaux.
Departure at 9 or 10 am depending on the period. Please arrive 45 mins before departure.
You will organise the descent to suit your own timing and your own pace.
Bivouac stops will be wherever you want along the river. Private land is recommended, or you can stop at campgrounds.
You will decide the number of days you want for the total descent. Minimum 2 days.
The canoe base station is approximately at the mid-point of the total route:
This means you can stop at your vehicle, which will be in the base station carpark, to do some shopping.
You can also arrange beforehand, for us to pick you up downstream in late afternoon.



Price per person
2 days: 21 € / day / person ( 2 containers offered by canoe )
3 days: 20 € / day / person ( 2 containers offered by canoe )

For both hiking routes, you must bring a rucksack to carry the picnic and water bottles.

Canoës Vallée Vézère sur la Vézère Les Eyzies
Canoës Vallée Vézère sur la Vézère Les Eyzies
05 53 05 10 11
The plus +
  • Departure of the base in minibus every hour.

  • 1 free container by boat.

  • Return in canoe at your own pace with the current.

  • On your arrival you are awaited, and we brink back your canoe.

At your disposition
  • Free toilets at the base.

  • Cloakroom for the cyclists and the motorcyclists.

  • FREE AND SHADED parking lot

  • Parking lot bikes and motorcycles

The rent includes
  • The route in minibus.

  • The canoe, the paddles, life jackets

  • The insurance.

  • Container.